What We Do

We build remote teams tailored for your company

We curate a list of candidates to meet your expectations

We manage all legal and financial aspects of hiring abroad

We support your Remote Team technically and humanly

of hiring with us

We bring diversity and agility to your workforce

We put hiring abroad within your reach, you won´t need lawyers, accountants or offices.

We drastically reduce your recruiting time and ease your efforts

We eliminate all costs of hiring in house

A global team within your reach

We build long lasting relationships between candidates & businesses

Remote work is a tendency in exponential growth all around the world which has erased the frontiers among countries and created a global workforce available for job opportunities. We are an interdisciplinary team of young professionals dedicated to finding the perfect match for our clients, and nurturing and supporting our local employees all around the world. Our vision is to make abroad hiring accessible for all businesses and give qualified candidates the opportunity to join the global workforce.

Our Services

Hunting for one job position or building an entire team

Managing all legal and financial aspects involved in hiring abroad

Supporting the Remote Teams locally


“I love working at Remote Teams! I applied for an administrative job at a multinational company based abroad, and now I'm working from home as part of a global team!”


“Remote teams hunted us to work as a graphic design team for a US based client owning several brands. From Argentina, we work side by side with its communications team abroad, we are in charge of the graphic design in the communication area and we are learning a bunch!"

Carla & Luciana

“I applied to lead a sales team in Argentina for a US based company, and now we already are 15 in my team! We sell home design items. We all work from home, and the team's performance is outstanding! We are constantly searching for new candidates to join our team."



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