About Us

My Remote Teams was founded with a clear vision of promoting the growth of global startups and companies and small businesses with the help of Latin American talent. We strongly believe borders are no longer an obstacle for the job market, and this increases opportunities for both employers and professionals. Our focus is finding the best talent to join your team, and the profiles you need, at the time you need them.

We handle every aspect related to the hiring of personnel under remote work modality. We support professionals in their remote job hunting quest, helping them find the ideal job that best matches their skills. 100% remote positions, with focused career paths and international learning.

Solutions for your company

Staff augmentation

We take care of the recruitment process end to end, to present you with the best candidates for the role.

Once selected, the candidate is legally hired by us and we take care of all hiring-related aspects and assume all this liabilities

We keep track of their performance in the role and how the bond between both sides evolve.

Your company pays a fixed monthly fee, which covers the employee’s salary and all related expenses.


We take care of the recruitment process end to end, in order to present you with the best candidates for the role.

Once the candidate is selected, your team moves forward with their standard hiring process, which includes agreeing on how the salary will be paid.

The process concludes with the hiring of the employee by your company and the payment of our corresponding one-time fee.

Software Factory

We work with a partner specialized in IT projects such as app and website development.

Through us, you can access a first-rate team to develop your project from start to finish.

How we do it


We schedule a meeting to get to know you, your company and your staffing needs.


You share with us a job description for each required role (we can also draft it together in case you do not have one)


We interview the candidates and present you the best fits for each position


You move forward and interview the candidates, you can make as many interviews as needed


Once the person for the role is chosen, you may continue with your standard hiring process, or you can leave it in our hands and we handle it from there

of hiring with us

We bring diversity and agility to your workforce

We put hiring abroad within your reach, you won´t need lawyers, accountants or offices.

We drastically reduce your recruiting time and ease your efforts

We eliminate all costs of hiring in house

A global team within your reach


“I love working at Remote Teams! I applied for an administrative job at a multinational company based abroad, and now I'm working from home as part of a global team!”


“Remote teams hunted us to work as a graphic design team for a US based client owning several brands. From Argentina, we work side by side with its communications team abroad, we are in charge of the graphic design in the communication area and we are learning a bunch!"

Carla & Luciana

“I applied to lead a sales team in Argentina for a US based company, and now we already are 15 in my team! We sell home design items. We all work from home, and the team's performance is outstanding! We are constantly searching for new candidates to join our team."



Trending Categories

Tech & IT


Administration  & Accounting






Do you only have clients from the IT sector?

No, we have experience hiring candidates from a wide range of sectors: Marketing, Administration, Accounting Customer Service, among others.

Is there a minimum number of employees that I need to hire in order to work with you?
No, if you need to add 1 person, we can take care of it. As you grow, we can continue to help you.
Is it necessary to have an operation in the country where I am going to hire the person?
No, we can hire the employees and have them work for your company, while being employed by us.


Do I need to be fluent in English?

Yes, for all the positions we are looking for it is important to be fluent in English. In any case, we do not always need bilingual profiles, depending on the role an intermediate level may be enough

Are all positions remote?
Most of the positions we seek are 100% remote. On occasion it may happen that the client requires some presence, but they are isolated cases.
Do I need to own a computer to apply?

In most cases yes. The candidate is expected to own a computer to be able to work. But in the case of not having one, it is something that can be discussed with the client.

Clients who trust us